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The basic rules of blackjack that every Australian should be aware of and learn

Possibly one of the most common games in both live and online casinos is, and always will be, blackjack. The game is one of the simplest card games you can find and this may be why it has lasted so long and stayed so popular. An online casino Australia is probably one of the best places for an Australian fan to play the game as the laws governing gambling are getting somewhat strict compared to other countries.

Blackjack is basically the same as the French game of 21 that was invented hundreds of years ago. The game has lasted so long because it has mass appeal. It is the simple game play and easy odds that get people all excited whether they have experience or not.

In essence your task as a player is to beat the dealer; this can be done by scoring a higher hand or having the dealer go bust. The odds for this kind of win are set at even so in effect you double the money you bet. The best part of blackjack though is actually getting blackjack -- this is simply hitting twenty one with two cards, an ace and a ten (remember that face cards are also worth ten). The odds on this win are 3-2, so for every two dollars you bet you will get three in return. Simply log on to an online casino to learn more and then try it for yourself!








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